Vacuum Trucks

The main artery of our waste handling services is our fleet of vacuum trucks. We are very proud of the equipment that we employ, as well as the attention that each individual machine receives from our highly skilled maintenance division.

Our vacuum trucks have undergone modifications that allow our machines to be more versatile, which allows us to perform our jobs faster at less of an inconvenience to the customer.

Our combination machines (high vacuum with the addition of high pressure water) have spent countless hours performing the best job possible, every single time. These machines are capable of creating vacuum up to 18" and max airflow at 6000 c.f.m. Not to mention water pumps capable of 90 g.p.m.

Our industrial vacuum machines are highly specialized with high vacuum as well as high flow (28" and 5000 c.f.m flow) As new technology becomes available we our constantly adding to our fleet or upgrading the equipment we have.

If you're looking for a company to provide you with a vacuum loader that is going to save you time and money, then consider Doetsch Environmental Services. Our trucks have a combination of high vacuum and high CFM that gives the versatility to handle most materials and jobs, which allow us a faster loading time under the most difficult conditions. This in return causes a much quicker turn around time and will ensure the job is done in a timely manner so that your company can experience a minimal amount of down time.